Adventures in Permaculture Design

My adventures

I am a permaculture designer and teacher.  I set up and run a social enterprise called Get Growing that trains people to grow food in their own homes and communities, using permaculture design and organic methods. In 2010 Somerford Grove, the council estate where I run a weekly Growing Club won Best Edible Estate in London.  You can read more about me under my Permaculture Association Profile.

Following one of the principles of Permaculture I am into a range of different things, and as my boyfriend accurately pointed out, I slowly turn my interests into my work. I also do a whole range of other things like teach people permaculture, how to grow food, how to cook; I also do design consultancy work for households, companies and organisations.

I set up this website because I wanted to share my permaculture adventures, and boy, have I gone on a few since setting this up.

I keep a record of them in my Action Learning Journal, where I reflect on different permaculture things that I have done, and it is set up like a blog.

Lot of my adventures and learning relates to my Permaculture Design Diploma.  I started that back in September 2008 and accredited in May 2011.  In my Permaculture Diploma Portfolio you can read the summaries of the different projects, including how I engaged with the permaculture ethics, principles, design process as well as how I designed to meet the criteria.  There are also links to the entries in my action learning journal that can be found at the bottom of each summary.

I now teach permaculture courses and I’m implementing the Permaculture Teacher Training Scheme that I designed as one of my diploma projects.  So the more recent entries relate to adventures around teaching.

photo by David Earls (a potential trainee teacher)

Many of my permaculture diploma projects relate to plants like how I: set up my permaculture garden, grow organic food, preserve fruit and vegetables, use them for my own health, use clean air plants.

I also have a wide range of design projects that are not related to growing like how I created the design for my diploma (action learning pathway), for my finances more sustainable, for my sewing machine and for becoming a permaculture teacher.

I’m involved in other adventures like creating meals from my veg box, crafting various things and other things that keep me amused.  I would love to hear from you- so please comment, email me or come to different events.