Using outputs from the house as inputs for the garden

White hyacinths in bloom

Last week’s snow has all melted.

I went out for a walk at lunchtime, without a coat, and didn’t freeze.

There was even a few rays of sunshine.

Today feels like a hint that spring might one day come to Brighton.

The hyacinths and amaryllis are starting to bloom.


This is the time my attention turns to the garden and preparing it for the next growing season.  I start thinking about nutrients to add to the soil, compost bins to turn and green manures to plant during the season.  All to keep my raised bed garden in tip top shape.

Instead of heading to the garden centre to stock up, I headed to the kitchen.  (I also had the goal of tidying up the house a bit as we are starting the quest for a new flat mate at the moment).

Looking around I could see all things that I have been storing and saving to use in the garden.  There was the compost bin to empty, an extra bag for the compost bin, an assortment of bowls with various other bits and pieces. I precariously balanced them on a tray and took out to the garden.

So I thought for the next few days, I would write some short posts explaining a bit about how I use coffee grounds, egg shells and wood ash in my garden and what function they serve.


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