Using outputs from the house as inputs for the garden

Last week’s snow has all melted. I went out for a walk at lunchtime, without a coat, and didn’t freeze. There was even a few rays of sunshine. Today feels like a hint that spring might one day come to Brighton. The hyacinths and amaryllis are starting to bloom.   This is the time my attention turns … Continue reading

How to make newspaper pots for seed sowing

There are all manner of pots that you can buy to sow your seed in.  There are module trays, root trainers, jiffy pellets to name but a few. I was given some module trays by a client when she was living the UK and heading to the States.  If I am going to sow lots of … Continue reading

My top six most inspiring and informative books about growing food

In celebration of World Book Day, I am going to run down my top 6* books my top six most insipring and informative books about growing food. * It was going to be five, but I just couldn’t narrow it down further. My Top 6 Most Inspiring and Informative Books about Growing Food   6. Linnea’s … Continue reading

Creating your own sowing mixes

Sowing mixes is something that often really intimidates people.  It’s like people think you need a Ph.D to do it, or special alchemy skills.  You don’t.  It is one of those things, that once you try it a few times, you can start experimenting and creating your own. Today, I am going to run through … Continue reading

7 steps to create your seed sowing calendar

So, you’ve got some seeds.  You’re probably super excited about sowing them.  But may be also a little worried.  How do you give them the best start?  When do you sow them?  How? Over the years, I have researched seed sowing a fair amount.  I’ve read books, watched tv programmes and tried it out myself. … Continue reading

4 reasons not to panic about sowing seeds

It feels like it has been a long winter.  The sun has shone for two days in a row here in Brighton.   It seems to have sent people into a panic, like spring is here and they aren’t sure what to do or worse still feel like they should have done it all by … Continue reading

Nasturtium pesto

  Last week when I was in St. Luke’s during apple day I noticed there seemed to be a race between the vigour of the nasturtiums and the appetite of the caterpillars.  The nasturtiums were still doing pretty well.  But I figured it would be good to harvest some before the caterpillars completely cleaned up … Continue reading

Transforming a patch of dandelions into a community garden

Sliced apples

A year and a half ago, at the back of St. Luke’s Prestonville there was a patch of grass… I say grass but really it was a patch of dandelions, brambles and cat poo. For the last week there have been little apples flying in the trees in the local area, inviting people to our … Continue reading

Launching Dyke Road Park Community Garden

Today was a good day.  We had our launch of the garden and the community composting scheme with beetroot cake in the shape of the garden, seedling swap, bean sowing, elderflower cordial, face painting and more.  We even got the signs in and borrowed benches, and it felt like the community garden I had designed it … Continue reading

Garlic chives garlic bread

My panier is heaving with food: chard, spinach, garlic chives and more.  I have been working at the Preston Park demonstration garden. We were clearing the old chard and spinach and I had plans to make chard tart with that.  The question was what to do with the garlic chives.  Of course a few could … Continue reading