Permaculture Diploma Tutoring

While doing my diploma I was concerned by the number of diploma apprentices that were stuck on their diploma pathway and wanted to design solutions to that.  I designed the Apprentice Teacher Project, contributed to the Education Meetings, I am now on the Permaculture Association Working Group and a registered Diploma Tutor.  If you would like to find out more about diploma tutoring, then check out the Permaculture Association diploma page first.  If you want like to discuss tutoring with me, do email me hedvigm [at] hedvigmurray [dot] co [dot] uk

Look forward to seeing you lots of you there, and please bring a contribution for lunch.  

You can read my journal entries about permaculture diploma tutoring here

Here are some hints and tips

Three mistakes when choosing your diploma tutor and my tips how to avoid them

Seven tips for designing your Design Learning Pathway

Here are ‘how to’ posts

How to Design your Diploma Action Learning Pathway

How to Design your Action/Peer Learning/Support Guild

How to Reflect on Permaculture Design using the Four Questions

Here are some posts about my process

My 8 step survey for my permaculture diploma learning pathway

My 8 step analysis for my permaculture diploma learning pathway


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