My Diploma Portfolio

My Permaculture Diploma comprises 10 projects. Through my diploma I wanted to apply permaculture thinking to lots of non-land based designs, and Holmgren’s Permaculture Flower provided the structure of the different domains.

Due to my interest in plants, lots of them involved plants but as an element rather than as a land based design.

My ten projects are:

1. Action Learning Pathway

2. Finances: designing more sustainable personal finances

3. Health: designing my own health

4. Education: becoming a permaculture teacher

5. Land stewardship: preserving food

6. Land stewardship: developing my garden

7. Tools: mastering my sewing machine

8. Build: designing a system to cleanse the air through plants

9: Community Governance: getting to know my community thorough plants

10. Presentation: building my own blog/website and presenting my diploma

N.B. If something appears as in a darker text colour and in italics, it is a link.  So if you click on it you will be taken to another page with more information (all the above are links to that project’s Project Page.)  It then gives you information about how I have designed the:

Holmgren domain, ethics, a particular Holmgren principle, the steps of the design process, meeting the portfolio criteria.

The diploma also includes maintaining a journal (I have used this blog as my journal and portfolio) and an Action Learning Guild; attending Design tutorials and Action Learning Tutorials.

I have loved doing my diploma and would recommend it for anyone who is interested in permaculture and is really self-motivated.  I hope you enjoy reading it and find it useful.

I have been working on it since I registered in September 2008, but really got cracking on it after my induction in March 2009.

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