01. Action Learning Pathway

An Action Learning Pathway is the design for your diploma: what you aim to get out of doing it, when you intend to carry out your projects, what courses/events/trips you might take, where you want to end up, the action learning guilds and tutorials you will have.  I wanted mine to replicate the form of a course: aims, objective, timescale, structure.

Read Hedvig Murray’s Action Learning Pathway

Find out How to Design your Action Learning Pathway

Holmgren Domain: None

Permaculture Ethics: 

Earth Care: more sustainable, more understanding about plants, better permaculture implementation

People Care: more sustainable- financially, new income generation methods, greater sense of permaculture community,

Fair Shares: share information with others in lots of different ways,

Holmgren Principle

Observe and interact: observe and reflect on interests, aims and objectives; keep observing during the process and amending design

Design Process

Survey: aims (more sustainable, get into permaculture education, interest in plants), learning styles, ambition, possible projects, academic rigorous background

Assess: themes, aims reflected in design, when moving, most important, skill levels,

Design: domain, ethics and principles; meeting criteria; timeline; project order;

Implement: discuss with tutors, other people doing diploma, get feedback

Maintain: tweak and amend.

Portfolio Criteria

Dissemination: maintained blogs throughout, set up Action Learning Guilds, used material in inductions,

Community Building: several Action Learning Guilds, supported apprentices, met others through observation stages

Symmetry: created templates and fedback to tutors, supported lots of others that are struggling with theirs, using in accreditation presentation

Evaluation and Costing: relatively easy to do compared to other, clear sense of what I wanted to get out of the process, really useful to have designed in such great detail, useful document as a template,

Timeline March- May 2009

Read my my action learning pathway posts here.

3 Responses to “01. Action Learning Pathway”
  1. Tracey Hay says:

    Hi Hedwig

    Really love your web-page and your details of diploma journey. I just had my induction meeting yesterday with James Chapman and was telling him that you had sent me a link to your page so as I could learn more about what an Action Learning Pathway was. I also had some sketches and ideas for my designs and my Homgren book handy when we went through what ideas I had for my diploma, and James mentioned that not only would I find your site interesting but I had lots of similar ideas for my designs and my way of thinking!!! so here I am today looking at your site and it is true, so many of the ideas I had written down are based on the same principles and ideas as your own. Of course we are two very different people, but it is heartening for me to see someone else who has less land-based ideas/designs because I often feel on the margins of the permaculture world due to my lack of land based knowledge or my desire to follow the more common route in permaculture, although of course it all has it’s place.

    So just wanted to say thanks again, for sending me your link, for sharing your lovely work and for presenting it in such an understandable and accesible way.

    I am really looking forward to getting going with my Diploma, much of which I have had in my head and in my imagination for a long time, but this seems like a good way to get all my musings down/out in a constructive and manageable way.

    If you are ever visiting up in scotland give me and shout and maybe we can meet up or you would be very welcome to come and stay in the lovely wee village of Upper Largo Fife and experience the beauty that is this coast.

    Take care

    • Hi Tracey,

      Thank you! That is really lovely to hear that you find this useful and accessible. Just what I was hoping for. I am really passionate about getting other forms of permaculture design out there, as well as all the land-based designs that I do, so it’s great to hear you are doing non-land designs. I think the diploma is a great opportunity to get those musing onto paper and into life. Good luck with it. If you ever want to chat about your designs, we could arrange a technical/specialist tutorial about designs that are similar to ones I have done.

      How funny that you are in Upper Largo. I went to St. Andrews and so quite familiar with that part of the world including Craigencalt and Monimail.

      Best wishes

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