09. Community- Getting to know my community through plants

Community Governance and Land Tenure

When doing my Action Learning Pathway I designed this project to address Land Tenure and Community Governance domain of Holmgren’s flower.  I particularly wanted to look into the principle of Creatively Use and Respond to Change.  I did this before moving to Brighton.  I imagined that I would move to Brighton, buy my own flat in Fiveways and get involved in Transition Town Brighton and Hove.  I was going to use the SADIM design process and look at incremental design techniques.  Lots of things about the project have changed as the posts reveal.

Holmgren’s Domain: Community Governance

This project turned out to be about using plants to get more involved in my local Community Association and community in general.

Permaculture Ethics

Earth Care: increased food production, increase biodiversity, increased composting, water saving, produce less waste and turn into a resource (leaf mould), grow perennial, heritage and medicinal plants,

People Care: grow fresh, local, tasty food, increased mental and physical health, increase sense of community, beautiful spaces, create community spaces, create creative spaces

Fair Shares: share knowledge and experience with others (design, funding bid, budget, project plan), share resources (running a broad bean sowing workshop)

Holmgren’s Principle

Integrate rather than segregate: extend what I do in my private space to people that live in my house, street and community.

Design Process

Observations: don’t know anyone on my street, observe my street a lot as work from home, little growing in tree pits

Boundaries: community boundaries, ward boundaries, mental divides,

Resources: time, people, networks, networkers, schools, pubs, shops, counsellors, potential funding, interest

Evaluate: Can do a bulb planting session on my street, can help with design and implementation of community food growing space in local park

Design: measure space, sun mapping, identify element, talk to parks people, talk to park users, talk to Community Association, talk to counsellors,

Implement: bulb planting sessionsuccessful funding bid, enthusiasm from community and community association, well filled out feedback forms, good response to design, feedback incorporated.  Stalled because of Council Elections.  Waiting to hear back.

Maintain: maintain social network, social clean ups in the parks, community picnic planned, bump into people met through it, sharing cuttings,

Portfolio Criteria

Dissemination: talked to lots of people in the local area about permaculture, used it in funding proposal, presented designs using permaculture at AGM and street bulb planting,

Community Building: engage local shop keepers, knocked on every door along the street, say hi to more people in the area, know my local counsellors, know parks people better,

Symmetry: could provide case studies to be used, can use on Intros,

Evaluation and costings: Successful funding bid, greater sense of community, more beautiful street, inspired local residents to get together, one child decided not to go to check out fast cards and instead stayed planting bulbs (result!).  costs- £4 and a few pints, cups of tea

Timeline: November 2010- February 2011

Below are the links to the different posts.


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