02. Economics- designing more sustainable personal finances

This project was my second after doing my Action Learning Pathway.  I wanted to tackle my personal finances because without them being sustainable then all the rest wouldn’t be sustainable.  I went about surveying my income and expenditure, current and potential sources of income generation and then went about using that information to re-design my personal finances.

Holmgren Domain: Finances and economics

Permaculture Ethics

Earth care: better able to afford goods that costs more but more sustainable

People care: self care, reduce stress, invest in future

Fair shares: share abundance

Holmgren Principle: Apply self-regulation and accept feedback, use and value diversity

I needed to reduce my expenditure and increase my income, I did this primarily through developing different income streams and a broader more diverse body of clients.

Design Process

Survey: income and expenditure, sources of income, sources of expenditure

Assess: need to earn more and meanwhile spend less, zones and sectors used as a tool for this

Design: zones and sectors- how to move from one zone in a sector into another, increasing frequency of use, moving from zone 5 closer to the centre of activity

Implementation: more permaculture teaching, more babysitting, move house,

Maintain: check spend, moved again, sharing flat with boyfriend, local veg box and bulk buying, learning how to repair clothes and organise clothes swops, make preserves, forage, grow more (sounds like my projects… hehe)

Portfolio Criteria

Dissemination- using the blog, discussed with co-tutors, other people doing diploma, at the Permaculture Association Teachers Meeting

Community Building: shared with Action Learning Guild, supported other co-tutors and Permaculture Association Teachers,

Symmetry: support other teachers in designing their finances and how relate to courses,

Evaluation: SWOT tool used, increase amount earned and more resilient through multiple sources of income generation, maintain clear themes in work.

Timeline: May 2009

Read about my Personal Finances Permaculture Design adventure here

Now almost two years later I am going back to evaluate my personal finances and financial sustainability.  Interesting times….

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