04. Education- Becoming a Permaculture Teacher

This project has morphed quite a lot as I’ve had more experience teaching permaculture and I am still not sure on it’s final shape.  The aim of the project was that I wanted to teach permaculture, and I knew I was moving down to Brighton so teaching in Brighton seemed like a good idea.  But figuring out how to become a permaculture teacher has been a real puzzle.  When I started out the Permaculture Association didn’t have this info.  And even now the Permaculture Association isn’t sure if there are any apprenticeships, check out what they say here .  So the great mystery of how do you become a permaculture teacher seemed like a good one to tackle.

There are various pieces to this projects.  It is also a joint project- partly with Brighton Permaculture Trust Intro team (Jen Beaufoy and Kate Hamilton) and also with a group from the Permaculture Teachers Meeting (in particular Nigel McKean).  I am really excited about this project as it feels like cracking this could make it easier for others to become teachers and make teaching more accessible.

Holmgren Domain: Culture and Education

Permaculture Ethics

Earth care: Get more of those people interested in teaching actually teaching, creating a more sustainable course to teach; get more people to learn about permaculture and implement it

People care: capture enthusiasm, clear guidelines, less frustration, supported means to get into teaching, less burdensome for teachers, more succession, meaningful observation period, sense of progression,

Fair Shares: of tutors time, attention; productive use of apprentices time;

Holmgren Principle

Design from Pattern to Detail

Design Process

Survey: observation different teachers on Introductions, same teacher on different Introductions; attended the Education working group meetings, spoke to various apprentice teachers without those organisations; spoke to apprentice not with an organisation; interview experienced teachers about how they got into teaching,

Assess: themes, patterns, where frustrations coming from, what are my expectations,

Design: elements and flow chart,

Implement: presented to Permaculture Association Teachers Meeting, got feedback, published on Permaculture Association website

Maintain: amended design, working on proposal to Permaculture Association Board of Trustees

Portfolio Criteria

Dissemination: co-tutors, Permaculture Association Education Group, on blog, on Permaculture Association website

Community Building: sense of apprentice teacher community, met more people who want to teach,

Symmetry: Sharing with PDC during accreditation, feedback to teachers that I have observed, make life easier for future apprentices and teachers

Evaluation: good feedback so far, more details to be figured out in liaison with Permaculture Association office.  Reviewed by peers and more experienced permaculture teachers.  Cost- 3 train tickets £90

Timeline March 2010-March 2011

Read more about my Designing myself as a permaculture teacher here 


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