03. Health- designing my own health

This project came about when I was living in Hackney at Samuel Close.  I was living with one of my best friends, Irene, and someone that we got in, Sarah.  We had an amazing time with many adventures.  This project comes towards the end of our time together and after Irene and I went WWOOFing in Italy.  We all had different but related interests.  Sarah was really into herbal teas, essential oils, making products; Irene was into cleaning and getting more into making products; and I was into growing.  We all enjoyed cooking and used lots of herbs and spices in our food.

I wanted to make beneficial connections between our interests and to capture it before we all dispersed.  It was also about seeing plants in new ways: exploring their potential for cleaning and health.  I ended up making different cosmetics, trying out natural cleaning methods and sharing my knowledge about growing plants.

Holmgren Domain: Health, spiritual and well-being

Permaculture Ethics:

Earth Care: less packaging, less negative environmental impact, more craft, more recycling, using waste products,

People Care: less costs, better health, empowered, sense of community, earned money from it, enjoyed it

Fair Shares: shared info, shared resources,

Holmgren Principle

Obtain a yield, Integrate rather than segregate (made lots of products, know much more about the multiple function of some plants)

Design Process

Survey: culinary herbs, herbal teas, cleaning products, essential oils,

Assess: attribute of various herbs and essential oils, skin type,

Design: the garden, products to make and their composition: facial moisturising oil, eczema oil, deodorant, herbal tea,lip balm, scrubs,  balm, facial cleansing balls, the cards

Implement: grew lots more herbs, burnt essential oils appropriate for health condition, made products like deodorant,

Maintain: keep making deodorant, develop knowledge about herbs, try making new products: shampoo, tinctures, mouthwash; hair dye

also went on to working in organic essential oil shop, made products and designed garden to produce organic essential oils.

Portfolio Criteria

Dissemination: this blog, the element cards, posts, tweets, presentations

Community Building: greater sense of community between flat mates, shared with Intro courses and a few people have since been in touch to say that made their own products, work came out of this,

Symmetry: shared with more experience teacher including those that have taught me, shared with new participants on courses,

Evaluation: some products more effective than other, or easier to make.  The deodorant is easy and satisfying to make so do so often.  Done detailed costings per products and savings that I made through doing so.

Read more about my Health Permaculture Design adventure here


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