05. Land Stewardship- Preserving the adundance

This project came about after I spent the autumn of 2008 WWOOFing in Southern Italy.  I decided that I wanted to preserve something every month of the year.  I could then learn about preserving, but it also linked to other projects that were part of my diploma like food growing, personal finances etc.

I loved doing this project.  It was a fun challenge and I have learnt lots from doing it.  One of the aims was to have a well stocked pantry- or as Greg Brown would say I wanted to ‘taste a little of the summer because my grandma put it all in jars’.

Here is what I made, as I write it up I will link to the posts:

January- Seville Orange Marmalade

February- Cape Gooseberry Chutney

March- Almonds and raisins in honey

April- Chilli infused olive oil

May- Elderflower tea

June- Strawberry jam

July- Elderberry and Blackberry jus

August- Elderberry Tincture and Appel moss

September- Tomato ketchup

October-Damson gin, jelly and umeboshi

November- Apple muffins

December- Lingonberry jam


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