10. Presentation- This Blog and More

I knew from the beginning that this project was going to be about how to communicate the process I had gone through and the projects that I had been doing.  The place where I used to work set me up with a blog as a leaving card (so they could keep tabs on me) and I used that.  It wasn’t that easy to use and so I stopped writing as much.  But I had a vision for a new blog (plus my friend Naveena kept hassling me to get another one going).  So here it is… it is a work in progress and a design being implemented… but I’m getting there.

Holmgren’s Domain: None

Permaculture Ethics

Earth Care: less paper used, less dependent on paper to disseminate, renewable resource

People Care: support 2011 PDCers, accessible information, share knowledge, experience project, maintain and support permaculture community and others,

Fair Shares: share knowledge, template, limit consumption of paper,

Holmgren Principle: Integrate rather than segregate

I wanted to make the information accessible rather to stay in a folder like my PDC project.  This seemed like a useful way to integrate with other people interested in the projects, permaculture, or doing their diploma.

Design Process

Observations: few diplomas were accessible on the net, few people used blogging for their diploma, opportunity to share information on final day of PDC,

Boundaries: knowledge of blogging, time to consistently blog, knowledge of user readability, knowledge of technical details, timetable of final day, structure and format needed for the accreditation, userability and ease of formatting of 1&1 blog especially when set up by someone else,

Resources: friends that know, info on the web, blog technology has moved on a lot since when I did them a decade ago, resources to barter with, friends interested to learn more about blogging, friends that love the tech stuff, little money, but some time- especially if spread out, old blog, lots of material to write up, friends that are graphic designers, friends that blog,

Evaluation: go for:  free blog, self taught with some support from others, link with other blogs, clear projects to write up, key words, link with good blogs and websites

Implement: set up new wordpress blog, set it up myself, set up structure, set up tagging and categories, regularly write posts, check in with friends, share on facebook and twitter, open to feedback, sought feedback from tutors, ALG, peers, non permaculturalists, links on useful websites, link to blog on email footer

Portfolio Criteria

Dissemination: link blog to facebook and twitter, use key words,

Community Building: developed active subscribers, people that leave comments on facebook postings, twitter and blog,

Symmetry: encouraged and supported others to do their diploma,

Evaluation and costings: Over 3000 views in 5 months, links of other people’s blog, links on Association website, no cost

Timeline: April 2009- March 2011

Read more about my Permaculture Design Blog here


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