Upcoming Courses and Events

I am passionate about sharing permaculture.


and I current teach:

  • Introductions to Permaculture courses
  • Permaculture Design Courses
  • specialist courses.

I specialise in urban and community food growing based on my experience setting up and running Get Growing.  I also use drew on a range of non-land based design projects from doing my diploma.

Introductions to Permaculture

The Introduction to Permaculture course is a two day course that covers the basics of permaculture design with lots of examples and case studies.  A significant part of the course is you putting the theory into action by doing a group design.

My next dates for Introductions to Permaculture are :

Course 1: 30-31st March 2013
With Brighton Permaculture Trust taught with Bryn Thomas and apprentices.

For more information about the Brighton Permaculture Trust Introductions to Permaculture courses, read here.  You can read my posts about the Introductions to Permaculture here.

Course 2: 25-26 May 2013

I have taught on courses run by Naturewise, Transition Town Brixton, London Permaculture Trust, Brighton Permaculture Trust and Food From The Sky (chronological order).

Full Design Course: Permaculture Design Course

The Full Design course is at least 72 hours and a more comprehensive exploration of permaculture design.  It also includes a group design.

Course 1: January – May 2013 Building Sustainable Communities with Brighton Permaculture Trust

You can read about them here Permaculture Design Courses 

Specialist Courses

I have been running specialist courses like:

Planning a vegetable garden using permaculture, for Capital Growth

Growing in Containers, for Growing Communities and Harvest Brighton and Hove 

Designing a Community Garden, for Capital Growth

these have been mainly through Get Growing


Permaculture Association National Diploma Gathering 30 November- 2nd December, Birmingham

I will be running a workshop, and also available for tutorials

2 Responses to “Upcoming Courses and Events”
  1. Ver inspiring blog; a kick start to my languishing PD! Thanks Hevig. Good luck with your ambitions. PS came via P Works Journal

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